Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembering ECG.. (Electrocardiography) Training :)

Time: 5: 30 PM

When I was still in college, one of the hardest topics (if not the hardest) was ECG or Electrocardiography. Why? its because by just simply looking at the ECG strip with all the lines that look so crazy... You'll surely get an headache! haha.

That is why when I graduated from Nursing and became a Registered Nurse, I said to myself that I would enroll myself to training about ECG.

Thank God, I was able to find a training center that really supplied me with enough knowledge (I think) about ECG. I was able to learn the basics of ECG and now, I am confident to say that I know how to read an ECG strip with just one glance. OHA! OHA! :)

If given a chance, I would like to attend the training again kasi nakalimutan ko ng yung iba. haha! :))

I suggest, in case that you would like to train yourself sa ECG. Go to GLI (I forgot the whole name of the training center). Sulit ang bayad mo sa training! :)) Galing ng trainer pa!

I also suggest that if ever you will attend trainings, go with your friends. (though you will surely have new acquaintances there though) Its better that you will have someone to talk to during training para di nakaka antok. 

Thanks to ICE, MHARITZ and AMEY for coming with me sa training! :) 

Here are some of our pics during the training! :))

with Mr. Khan (our magaling ng trainer! :))
with ice, mharitz and amei! :)
This is my ECG strip! :)
Last day of training! :)
What's happening?! haha! :)
Amey, do you know what you're doing? haha!
Finally! my certificate! :))
I really enjoyed this training! :)
Hope you could also experience this wonderful experience that I had!

Next training that I want to haaaaaaaaaaaaavvveee: HEMODIALYSIS TRAINING! :))

I want to specialize either into HEMO OR CARDIO :)

Pero sanaaaa, maging staff nurse muna ako! haha! 

Thanks for reading! =D

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