Friday, December 30, 2011

How was my 2011? (My year-end evaluation)

Time: 1:07AM
Date: December 31, 2011

Its the last day of the year 2011, 20+ more hours and we will be facing another year, the very famous year of 2012. But how was the year 2011 for you? For me, the year 2011 was the year where I enjoyed life. This was the year where I was able to do the things that I wanted to try or should I say that I was curious with. 

From October 2010 upto April 2011, I worked for Sykes as a Debt Collector. When I was still in College, I always tell my batchmates that when we are finished with the board exams, I will try to work as a call center agent. Why? because I just want to hone the way I speak in english. that's all. But I never thought that I would enjoy, I think maybe its because of the salary and the friends that I had back then.

Team Sierra (Sykes) - Christmas day! December 25, 2010
2011 also was the year I considered myself as very mayaman. haha. Let me explain first, because this was the year that I was able to buy things that I never thought I could buy before. I'll show you the pictures of my naipundar things:

Samsung ES75 Digicam

My pangarap, netbook! :)

BB 8520! :)
Nokia e71
Nokia c3

Though I hope to be more mayaman in the years to come, I was just so happy that at a very young age, I was able to put up investments like these out of my own money and my own efforts.

Moving on, after working in a call center agent, I decided to resign because I thought of pursuing my profession as a nurse. (secret ko lang to sa boss ko before hehe) So I went to Pampanga just to work as volunteer nurse for 3 months. Imagine, pinagpalit ko yung very high salary to a job na walang sweldo. BUT BUT BUT! hindi ako nagsisi sa ginawa ko. I learned sooooooooooo many things dun sa 3 months kong duty na yun sa hospital. Though I know that the things I learned were nothing to compare to the things that I still have to face and to learn, but still, masasabi ko na ding hindi nasayang yung pag reresign ko. In fact, andito pa rin sa blog ko yung mga posts ko before when I was still working as a nurse, wala lang, ang sarap balikan. hehe.

Well, its not just the nature of the job that satisfies a person or an employee, I believe having very good employee-boss and employee-employee relationship are very very huge factors that would affect you, your work, everything. At yun naman yung nahanap ko dito sa Pampanga, mga very good friends.

Medical-Surgical Ward

Inuman ward haha
After 3 months, ayun, I decided to go back to Manila. Bum for a while, I tried applying sa mga hospitals. Pasa ng resume dito, pasa doon. Pero wala naman tumatawag. So, I decided na part-time job nalang muna sa call center ulit. 

dito ako napadpad :)

Hanggang ngayon, dito pa rin ako nagwowork. Though same industry, ibang level naman yung nafeel ko dito.  Dahil part-time lang, sooo ang mga kasama ko eh, kundi students, mga tao na dalawa trabaho, at mga mayayaman na wala lang magawa sa buhay. ay! meron pa pala, some are nurses like me. hehe. So, hindi ako nahirapan mag adjust, they are very welcoming, accommodating, very fun to be with.

In fact, bilang proof of enjoyment ko dito, I never had an absent nor late for the whole 5 months of staying here. and I never felt tired. Even now, I still feel the excitement of going to work because I know makikita ko nanaman yung mga friends ko. ayun.

These are just my team-mates.. wala pa yung mga ka wavemates ko and yung mga kasama ko sa bay na sobrang sayang kasama. :) I'll see you guys in January!!

Our celebration of Christmas this year was kinda different from the way we used to celebrate it. Different in a way that we were not complete anymore because some of our cousins have to work abroad and in Manila from which they couldn't be absent.

This was also the first Christmas that we were not able to be with our Kuya Ela. But I know he is happy right now up in heaven. We were not able to see Pocholo as well and Mama jhing (the family of Kuya Ela) for some reasons which makes us really sad because we miss them. We are looking forward to see them this coming new year's eve. Hopefully they will come to see us here in our place.

To summarize everything, for me, 2011 was good in terms of career, fair when it comes to family celebrations but bad when it comes to love. haha. I did not go into details about love, kasi wala. This year, I was loveless. haha.

My wish for 2012? Career growth and Lovelife growth. Hopefully, makahanap na ako ng hospital na makakapagwork ako as a staff nurse. yung long-term talaga na work.

That's all. Hindi masyadong detailed, sorry. These were just the highlights of my 2011. Anyway, thank you soooo much for reading. I wish you all a very blessed and a verry happy 2012! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Christmas wishlist!

4 days to go before Christmas.. 
I know it's better to GIVE than to RECEIVE..
But of course okay lang naman na sabihin mo sometimes, kung ano yung mga gusto mong matanggap.. kahit na imposible. heheh! 

Here is my Christmas wishlist:

TOP 5:    iPhone 4s

Kaya siya nasa top 5 kasi though maganda siya, mahal siya! haha! kaya its kinda imposibleng  mabili siya for me. haha.


Gusto ko na mag jogging kaya gusto ko ng rubber shoes! :))


Ngayon lang ako na fascinate sa mga watches. I just can't buy one kasi its sooo expensive eh. haha


I promise myself na next year, i will be more organize na. sooo I really need a planner. kapag walang nagbigay, bibili pa rin ako. haha! :))


Gustong gusto ko talaga toooooo! :) haha! planning to buy one next year. Kailangan mag ipon kinda expensive eh.

These are the things that I wanna receive this christmas! balitaan ko kayo kung may magkatotoo! hehe! thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

After the encounter..

Time: 10:17 AM

Goodmorning! It's Sunday today! This day is for our Lord, Jesus Christ. So I'll be heading to Adamson Church later at 6pm to hear the mass and sing for  Him as well. Nobody asked me to do this. Nobody told me that I should do this every sunday because God wants me to do it. BUT I want to do it for God. This is not an obligation or something but it is something that my body tells me to do it. Does I make sense?

But is this enough? Enough na ba yung efforts ko to give back? I don't know. 

Last January 20, 2008.. I had the chance to have an encounter with God. Not literally but through the help of SOD or the Students of destiny. It's a group of people or a church that belongs to the Born-again Christians.  I could still remember the experience that I had when I had that encounter. (That's what they called that event, "Encounter with GOD")

At first, I was really hesitant to go. Why? because I was afraid. Afraid of what's going to happen with me when I go there. But I was able to manage that fear at tumuloy ako.

For me, the first 2 days were like okay. It was like a simple recollection wherein you talk about GOD, you talk about the sins that humans usually commit, you talk about how to change yourself from being bad to good. and YES. All the sins that were discussed I should say that I have committed all of those. From the very obvious and superficial sins to the very sensitive ones, all were like had an impact on me. 

The 3rd day, was the most crucial because this was the day where we experienced the "holy spirit". Creepy as it may sound, but I don't know. It happened to me. Nobody was like touching me but I fell onto the ground. So for me, that experience was like scary and at the same time very revealing that these things were true pala. I don't know.

Going through that encounter was like magical. But what's really important is how are you going to live your life after that encounter with God.

Its been 3 years now, and nothing really changed. And the problem was not with them but with me. Now, I realized its all about consistency. I did not change because I never went back to that church after that encounter. And I have all the reasons in the world, I was busy with my studies that time, so many things to do.. But I only have one true reason. I felt afraid to go back because I was afraid to be changed from the very beginning. I was afraid to leave the life that I was used to live.

One more thing, I realized that I didn't want to change my religion. Because its kinda a requirement for them I dont know, that you have to change your religion to be able to say that you are 100% committed to them or to God. And that was the part that I didn't like.

Now, I am working on my relationship with God. I go to church every Sunday, sing for the Lord as a choir member. I don't know If those efforts were enough already but I'm still working on it.

Anyway, the reason why I wrote this blog? wala lang. Nakita ko kasi yung bible ko before, I bought it when I had my encounter. Ehh nakita ko yung mga letters nung mga churchmates ko before. So bumalik sa memories ko lahat, and naisip ko lang isulat. hehe.

Thanks for reading! :))

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION.. such a dissapointment!

Time: 11: 31 AM

I wish I never had my IV Training in ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION!

When I had my training with AUF, they said that my license will be available after 3 months. So I said, 'its okay, 3 months is okay' but HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO! Its been 1 year and 3 months already and I STILL haven't got my license yet.

Eto pa, they said before na NOVEMBER 2011, my license will be available so pinalagpas ko na lang whatever reasons, kasinungalingan they have.. 

BUT when I recently called them to ask my license is available already, they told me that they have to reprocess it because my records got LOST! WHAT THE F*CK!

Kelan niyo balak sabihin sa akin na nawala na documents ko? kailangan tumawag pa ako before I will be informed? SH*T!

So ngayon, i need to send nanaman some documents para ireprocess niyo ang license ko, tapos mag hihintay nanaman ako ng another 1 year?!!!?!?!!? BULLCRAP!

I am sooooooo dissapointed sa institution niyo! ang ganda ganda ng hospital niyo, simpleng process lang hindi niyo pa magawa! 

If you can't keep up with your responsibilities, better close the programs that you have! or better yet, kayo na mismo ang magsara!!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My experience in Olivarez Gen. Hospital!

Time: 11:31 AM

Hello! :) It's been a while since I last posted a blog here. Well, I just wanna share with you guys the experience that I had earlier.... YES! earlier! haha! in OLIVAREZ GENERAL HOSPITAL.

After almost 4 months of waiting, finally, another hospital notified me thru text message that I was invited for examination and interview for volunteer nurse position in their institution. YES, its just for VOLUNTEER NURSE. but its okay. I am really not hoping for any position higher than that when it comes to this profession. haha. especially this early. but I heard they do absorb nurses here. 

Anyway, when I went in the conference room, there were a few people already waiting for the exam. I arrived almost 8 AM (just in time) so I didn't wait  that long. Among the 3 hospitals that I already had exams with, this was the HARDEST. 

HARDEST in terms of the topics. Though there were only 100 items, but still the topics were like out of this world. (not all, but most) PLUS! I could not concentrate that much because I was stressed out, and when I am stressed out, natatae ako haha! :)) so all through out the examination, yung ang na fefeel ko.

Kaya naman hindi ako masyado nageexpect sa exams na to :)) 

Aside from the exams, nag PANEL INTERVIEW na din ako. take note, PANEL, when I say PANEL, its not 4, 5, 6, people but 10 PEOPLE in front of you! haha! natatawa ako sa kanila kasi napaka POKER FACE nilang lahat, trying to look like nakakatakot. Buti nalang, M.I. yung natapat sa aking topic kaya okay okay naman yung sagot ko! haha! :)) THank you lord.

Well, like what I've said, I am not really expecting sa hospital na to kasi nga mahirap yung exams, if makakapasa ako, thank you lord, pero kung hindi, okay lang din, thank you lord pa rin for the experience. ibang klaseng experience to for me! :))

Thank you for reading! ::)))

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cubao Expo: I love it in here!

Time: 3:59 PM

Hello there! :) I just wanted to share with you guys the new 'inuman' place that I have been to! The place is called, "CUBAO EXPO!" Yes, yes, yes, it's in CUBAO! haha! :) Beside SAVE MORE,  in front of SHOPWISE. 

From the outside, you will think that this place is just an ordanary place, you'll even think that it's a dangerous place to make inuman (wow,haha) but inside, you'll be surprised! haha.

I don't know but I really really liked the place. It's very relax. Perfect spot for inuman. I even found the restaurant where POPOY and BASHA (and friends) used to go whenever they have celebrations (You'll understand only when you saw the movie) haha. 

I will show you some of the pics that I secretly took from my phone (coz its bawal, according to some security guards there haha!)

This is the place that I was talking about a while ago about POPOY and BASHA. :)

I hope you could visit this place if you can't think of any place pag magiinuman kayo ng friends niyo hehe! :))

This place is perfect if you want a relaxed inuman and kwentuhan with your friends.

Thanks for reading! :))

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dirty Marquez..

Juan Manuel Marquez's Foot-stopper trick :)

WHAAAATTT THE HELL is this, Marquez??!! I feel for you pa naman but after seeing this video... Buti nga sayo natalo ka. Congratulations, Manny Paquiao not just for winning the match but for showing the people that you don't have to play dirty to win and be ahead. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembering ECG.. (Electrocardiography) Training :)

Time: 5: 30 PM

When I was still in college, one of the hardest topics (if not the hardest) was ECG or Electrocardiography. Why? its because by just simply looking at the ECG strip with all the lines that look so crazy... You'll surely get an headache! haha.

That is why when I graduated from Nursing and became a Registered Nurse, I said to myself that I would enroll myself to training about ECG.

Thank God, I was able to find a training center that really supplied me with enough knowledge (I think) about ECG. I was able to learn the basics of ECG and now, I am confident to say that I know how to read an ECG strip with just one glance. OHA! OHA! :)

If given a chance, I would like to attend the training again kasi nakalimutan ko ng yung iba. haha! :))

I suggest, in case that you would like to train yourself sa ECG. Go to GLI (I forgot the whole name of the training center). Sulit ang bayad mo sa training! :)) Galing ng trainer pa!

I also suggest that if ever you will attend trainings, go with your friends. (though you will surely have new acquaintances there though) Its better that you will have someone to talk to during training para di nakaka antok. 

Thanks to ICE, MHARITZ and AMEY for coming with me sa training! :) 

Here are some of our pics during the training! :))

with Mr. Khan (our magaling ng trainer! :))
with ice, mharitz and amei! :)
This is my ECG strip! :)
Last day of training! :)
What's happening?! haha! :)
Amey, do you know what you're doing? haha!
Finally! my certificate! :))
I really enjoyed this training! :)
Hope you could also experience this wonderful experience that I had!

Next training that I want to haaaaaaaaaaaaavvveee: HEMODIALYSIS TRAINING! :))

I want to specialize either into HEMO OR CARDIO :)

Pero sanaaaa, maging staff nurse muna ako! haha! 

Thanks for reading! =D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

College days...

Time: 1:55 PM

Many people say that 'highschool' was the most memorable part of their life in school. Well, I guess it depends, because for me, its COLLEGE. Maybe because the school that I went in for highschool was not able to give much fun for me because they only had few students back then. as in few. 

When I entered college, it came to me a like huge huge wave.. (wow! haha!). From maliit na school from highschool, here I am standing in one of the best universities in the Philippines, that's what I said. The ADAMSON UNIVERSITY :) 
Adamson University, SV Building :)
Well, actually, enrolling in  Adamson University was not included on my plan. I was really aiming to go to one of the top nursing schools in the Philippines which is...
Chinese General Hospital College of Nursing :)
I don't know if I would consider it as bad luck or a blessing in disguise that I FAILED the interview. I could still remember the question that chinese man asked me, 'Why should we accept you in this school?', I was not able to say anything, even 'uhhmm' di ko na nagawang sabihin. total silence. haha. so that ugly man just asked me to leave the room. haha! :)

Since its already june, I have no choice but to take the entrance exam in Adamson University. Luckily, I passed the interview and I'm IN! :) 

Thank God he brought me in this university because this is where I really found most of my great great friends today!


The story behind the name of the group is still unknown. haha. We all came from Block 112. They were my classmates when I was still in 1st year college. Lahat kami nursing sa una.. pero ako lang ang naging naka graduate sa Nursing sa kanila sa Adamson. haha! (should I be proud? haha) Some transferred to other schools, Some shifted to other courses, but our friendship still remains even until today. as in today. haha. 

Meron pa akong isang group of friends.. :) the . haha

with marlon and diokno sa tabi ng Embassy! haha! :) (i  forgot the name of the bar)
in diokno's place in mandaluyong
Renzel's debut! :)

Recently lang @ Bagaberde bar and grill! :)

Sila naman ang naging friends ko nung napatalsik na sa Nursing yung mga friends ko sa taas. haha. :) We all became friends nung Block 202 kami. Ang pinakamasayang BLOCK for me. :) kaya naman napakarami kong friends from that block coz were like a family talaga like a giant tree. :))

We still see each other once in a while, inuman.. kwentuhan.. mag mamall na hindi naman alam kung saan pupunta. haha :))

Etong mga tao na to ang mga naging reasons why I enjoyed my College life.. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! :))

Aside from friends na na-gain ko because naging classmates ko sila.. Meron din akong naging friends because of some activities na sinalihan ko.. na isa rin sa mga pinaka-masayang part ng college life ko.. ang CHEERING :)
Red team! :) yeah!

First year ako nyan! :) First time kong sumali sa cheering competition. haha! :) kung makikita mo ako sa video na yan.. ang itim ko pa. (hanggang ngayon naman, haha!) sobrang payat parang di kumakain. haha! :)

Student palang nyan si Maam Lilet, at student pa lang din sa Lalaine na dancer na ngayon sa SHOWTIME. haha! OHA OHA! :)) CHAMPION KAMI DYAN! haha! :)

2nd year naman ako nyan! :) tinatamad kasi akong sumali every year eh! haha! :)) Eto naman ang cheering routine na pinaka proud ako, ang gandaaaa ehhh! haha! :) HOY CHAMPION NANAMAN KAMI DYAN! :)

3rd year naman ako nyan! haha! sabi ko sayo, ayokong nagsasali sa mga ganyang competition eh. haha! :) Ang ganda ng costume namin dyan. hehe :) CHAMPION NANAMAN KAMI DYAN!

Ohhhh, wag ka ng maghanap ng pang 4th year, dahil hindi na ako sumali nun. haha! :)) ako na yung host nun eh. ohhhh! haha! :) Kaya ko naman nagustuhan sumali sa cheering competition kasi enjoy talaga. From friends na magegain mo.. yung pagod from practice at yung enjoy din habang nagpapractice.. tawanan.. kulitan..lahat.. at yung pag narinig mo yung team niyo ang nag champion? ay ibang klase! :)) Sarap sa feeling! :) I'm very proud to say na from 1st year to 3rd year. Kasali ako sa nag CHAMPION na team sa CHEERING COMPETITION sa Nursing Week. ohhhhh! :)

at hindi lang ako pang sayaw lang.. :) pang kantahan din akoooo! haha!:))

Adamson Nursing Chorale @ SMX
During rehearsals.. (kung nabasa niyo yung blog kong isa.. andito siya! haha!)

ANC @AdU theater (nawala yung multo sa isle)
Treat ni Dean sa shakeys! :) kumanta pa kami ala GLEE! haha!:)

ADAMSON NURSING CHORALE! :) Eto ang group na to ang nakatulog sa akin ng malakiiiiing malaki! :) Before I joined this group, meron akong malaking malaking takot sa pag peperform on stage. Iiyak ako pag pinilit mo akong kumanta or sumayaw on stage. But because of this group, nawala lahat ng yun! :)

Very thankful ako sa group na to because of the friendship that we had na napakasaya, events inside and outside Adamson, lahat yun ay naging masayang experience. :))


Dahil tinatamad ako at napaka busy ng buhay sa nursing.. naisipan kong sumali pa sa ADAMSON STUDENT NURSING ASSOCIATION or AUSNA! :)

AUSNA i miss you! :) (Adsunt Thanksgiving)

Wala na akong makitang picture namin dati. :) 
eto naman yung group na kahit toxic sa bawat events, masaya ka! :) dito naman na honed yung HOSTING SKILLS KO! haha! :) kapal. haha! :) 

Eto pa yung mga pictures ng masasayang alala nung college days ko.. :))

This was the hospital that we made during our Leadership and Management with Ms. Varona! :) Winner yan! :)
Camera ni Sir bon! :) Bioca ano to? haha!

Job interview with Ms. Varona! :)

SEAT PLAN! :) na nakakasawang gawin every sem! haha!
Community service! :) during Ondoy yata to.
ANC with Dean @ shakeys!
@OASIS. (block 401! )
Sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa Immersion?! haha!:)
Dedication Ceremony! saya lang!

Dedication Ceremony @ AdU Theater! :)

Send-off Party of Adamson!
Picture taking with togas!:)
Block 401. Spot the difference sa taas! :) haha
I got the Best in Clinical Performance award! :) thank you lord! 
During our review in Sta. Isabel. (with ELMO :))
Last day of review! ::)
Before going to St. Jude! :)
Before the board exam! :) nyay!
Nurses na kamiii! :)

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your face sa tarpaulin outside Adamson University! :)

Sample palang yang mga yan kung bakit College ang pinakamasayang part ng life ko sa school! :) Hindi ko na nasali yung everyday kulitan sa school tuwing lectures, tawanan sa katoxican sa duty at sa community. Maraming maraming reasons pa! :)Kaya naman thankful ako kay Lord kasi pinaexperience nya sa akin lahat ng tooo! :))

Thanks for being a part of my journey nung College days ko! :)
Haba netong blog na to. kapagod. haha!

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