Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol 2012: Jessica or Phillip?

Date: May 23, 2012
Time: 8:27 PM

Jessica or Phillip? 
Who's your American Idol Season 11 Winner? Is it Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips? 

If you would ask me, definitely, I would say, its Jessica Sanchez. Why? Because for me, vocally, she is perfect. Considering her age, she is just 16 years old and look what she could do with her voice.

I am not saying that Phil Phillips doesn't have what it takes to be an American Idol, its just that,  as far as I'm concerned, American Idol is a SINGING COMPETITION, and comparing him to Jessica Sanchez, I think Jessica is more deserving than him.

I was able to see how Jessica and Phil evolved in terms of how they sing and even how their looks were changed. I never missed an episode of American Idol this season. Performance or Results night? name it. haha. Idol fanatic huh? 

Last night, during the finale, I think Jessica did better than Phillip. In terms of the songs they sang, I believe Jessica sang more finale-appropriate songs than Phil. Does I make sense? On my opinion, Phil should have sang 'Volcano' or 'We've Got Tonight' than 'Movin' Out'. For me, those two songs are few of the best songs he sang for the entire season.

There were actually rumors from twitter that Phil's 3rd song entitled 'Home' was not really his original. The song was originally sang by Greg Holden. If its true or not, it doesn't matter anymore, what's important was he was able to sang it very beautifully that made the judges stood up to their feet.

What I don't understand was why the judges didn't like how Jessica sang her 3rd song which is 'Change Nothing'. On my opinion, it was perfect for her. Biased right? haha.

Whatever the decision may be tomorrow, let's leave everything to America and to God. For me, I pray that the title will be on Jessica's favor. I pray that Jessica Sanchez will be this season's American Idol. 

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