Monday, May 13, 2013

SUBWAY: Unplugged!

Time: 9:11PM
Date: May 13, 2013
Location: Timog Park, Angeles City Pampanga

Good evening! How are you doing? Its election day today! Did you vote already? I did not. I wasn't able to register but its okay, I promise, next election I will vote na. I also want to experience how is it like to vote and have that indelible ink on my nail, siyempre, pipicture din ako ng kuko ko noh! HAHA! No, but kidding aside, I just hope whoever wins after this election, on whatever posts they are running for, I just hope that they would really do what they were tasked to do, which is what? TO HELP PEOPLE. Not just that but also to contribute something for the development of whatever place they belong or better yet for the development of the whole country nalang para masaya.

Its really nice to be back. Sobrang namiss ko ang pagsusulat.. Although, alam ko na wala naman nakakabasa nito, but the fact that you were able to do what you wanted to do, masaya yun. One of which is of course, writing or sa mas sikat na tawag ngayon, blogging (WOW! Haha!). Another thing na sobrang nakakapagpasaya sa akin ngayon is SINGING! I really love to sing. Though sobrang mahiyain ako, pero sobrang dream ko talaga maging professional singer/performer/songwriter haha. Ang dami. College palang ako, sumali na ako sa Chorale sa College namin. Though mahirap ang course na nursing kasi it requires a lot of time when it comes to studying, yung mga ganun, still I was able to personally made time for it kasi sobrang enjoy talaga siyang gawin. It was like my stress reliever nung College days and the people that I am working with, my dedicated choir mates, I considered them as my second family dati and until now. Though we don't get to see each other that much na.

Sobrang blessing din na I belong to a family of musicians, I mean, not professionally, but I grew up with a family na mahal na mahal ang music. Kaya naman, my cousin and I, we decided to put up an acoustic band which we named SUBWAY. (There is no reason behind the name, cool lang siyang pakinggan for us.) I just added the word UNPLUGGED on the name so that on the name itself palang, people would have an idea na of what kind of music we were trying to project, which is acoustic.

This is our band logo.
SUBWAY UNPLUGGED is an acoustic band/acoustic trio from Angeles City Pampanga. We are composed of three members, namely; Jhonvie 'Jambo' Anacleto (Jambo is my band name. HAHA.), I am the lead vocalist of the band and also the percussionist. Richard 'Chat' Anacleto, he is my cousin that I was talking about a while ago, he is our beatboxer/Cajonista and also the vocalist. Leo Tanguin, he is the rhythm guitarist of our band and also the vocalist. As you have noticed, kumakanta kami lahat. That's one thing na mapagmamalaki or should I say our edge from all other bands here in Pampanga, kumakanta kami lahat so iba ibang genre din yung pwede naming i-touch.

From left to right, Jambo, Chat and Leo.

The idea of creating a band came around December of 2012 pa, but we had our first gig as a band last February 2013 na. Getting a gig was not easy. Andyan yung, nahihiya ka pa na magtanong sa mga bars/grills/restaurants if they are looking for bands to perform sa kanila kasi nakakahiya naman talaga. HAHA. No, kasi nga siguro bago pa kami. We didn't have any choice, kung mahihiya kami, walang mangyayari sa amin. Luckily, nakuha kami to perform sa isang restaurant here in Pampanga. I will talk more about our first gig sa next blogpost ko. hehe.

Good thing about having a band? hmm. Not just about this whole band thing, but generally, having the chance to do what you really want to do is such a blessing. Though we are not expecting to be a big time band as early as now, surely marami pa kaming kakaining bigas, sobrang dami pa. Right now, we are just enjoying the time that we have together as a band. Ang gusto lang namin gawin ay kumanta, mag perform, i-share yung talents na binigay sa amin ni Lord. Kaya naman kay Lord, sobrang thank you sa mga talents na binigay mo sa amin. Some people around us would say, 'Wala namang mararating dyan sa pag babanda eh..'. We don't care about the money that we could have out of this. Ang gusto lang namin i-share ang talents na meron kami, i-share ang music namin, even if its free, gagawin at gagawin parin namin to. 

Thank you for reading! Have a good night!

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