Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Chapter..

Date: June 12, 2012
Time: 2:37 PM

Hi, everyone! Its nice to be back. Happy Independence Day to all the Filipinos out there! Its been 2 years since I graduated from College. I could still remember what I said before that I will never ever work abroad because I don't want to leave my family here in the Philippines. But guess what, I am going to work abroad and I'll be leaving na next next week. haha. Now I believe in the saying that, "Huwag kang magsasalita ng tapos". Because though you have plans for yourself, you have limitations in terms of the path that you wanted to take, still, at the end of the day, God's plans for you will still prevail. I know God wanted me to take this big step on my career. I know He was the one who made this possible for me. 

Back then, when people say abroad, WOAH. There are lots of pre-requisites, MONEY is one. PATIENCE, etc. But now, God made a way for me to be in my position right now. I am going to leave the Philippines next next week. June 24 to be exact. How am I feeling right now? Mixed emotions. I feel excited because of the opportunities that I will get. I will get to choose what type of career path I will take. I will have the chance to live by independently. Since I was a kid until I graduated College then had a job, I never left home. Now, this is my chance to experience LIFE. How it is like to live independently. Though I know, it will be hard, I am still excited for it. 

Of course, I couldn't release the thought of being some kinda rich someday. Because you know, the mindset of most of the people, pag nasa abroad ka, mayaman ka. And I won't deny, dati, ganun din ang naiisip ko. But now, I will get the chance to experience it myself. I expect a lot of difficulties and troubles. You can't call a success, a success without hardwork. Does I make sense? I expect to experience a lot of problems when I get there but I know that through God's help, everything will be fine.

Honestly, madami na akong naiisip na pagdadaanan ko. Dito palang, the Immigration officers at the airport. I don't know how I am going to be treated by the Immigation Officer. I've been reading a lot of articles about them and really, it makes me sooooooo damn nervous. Sorry for the word. After going through them, there comes the people in Dubai. How am I going to talk to them? How am I going to act in front of them? The laws in Dubai are different from ours so how would I know If I am doing something wrong? Should I wait for a policeman to tell me that? haha! Those are just some of the potential problems that I am preparing for right now.

I just pray that the everything will be alright from the time that I will leave the Philippines until I reach Dubai. From then on, I will try to think of the present time. I will try to avoid thinking of the future or the past kasi baka mabaliw ako dun. haha. Thank you for reading! I just need to have an outlet ng mga nararamdaman ko, kasi iniisip ko palang ang mga mangyayari parang ayoko na. hehe. Thanks again!

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