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Canticle Choralefest 2012: VIVA!

Date: February 11, 2012
Time: 4:21 PM

February 9, 2012 -- A very magical day for the Adamson University College of Nursing. It was the day that the Canticle Choralefest 2012 was held. Every year, this is somehow the 'event' that all of us are waiting for. Among all the events in our school's foundation week, this is like one of the 'highlights'.

Having the chance to be a part of this event was like heaven already for us because once again, we will have the chance to represent our course, our department against the different departments/colleges in our school. 

But I never thought that there will come a time that we will be able to experience how it is like to win such prestigious contest like this. YES! GUYS! WE WON! :) That's why I was very lucky to be a part of this group and this competition. I am so thankful to God that He gave me such wonderful talents that I have right now. 

Aside from talents, another thing that made me sooo lucky is to have a wonderful friends that I consider a family as well. THE COLLEGE OF NURSING FAMILY. All of us people that came from AdU-CON are very lucky because even though we are already finished with our business in terms of schooling, they never fail to let us feel that we are as important and loved as other students in CON.

Special mention to AdU-CON's Dean, Dean Naressia Seludo-Ballena, whom we all consider as our second mother and to all the faculty members of AdU-CON. In the bottom of my heart, Thank you and we all love you. Because of you guys, I never get lazy to go to school everytime you request me to, because I feel that I am never away from my home, because AdU-CON mismo is my HOME. Our HOME. I guess that's one thing that College of Nursing has, even though, we only have a small number of students, each and everyone of us makes sure that each of us is well-loved and well-taken care of. 

Anyway, I will show you some pictures of what happened before, during and after the competition. Here they are!

These are just some of our pictures before the competition. We arrived at the venue around 1PM, for all we know that the competition will start at 2PM. (1 hour earlier! Nurses are always like that!, haha!) We arrived at the venue without expecting anything. We did not expect that we are going to win the competition because we rehearsed for four days only. But still, we did not use that excuse to not give our best and still compete even if we consider our group as the 'underdog' in this competition.

These photos are taken during our performance. Each group sang two songs. The first song was the 'chosen piece', it was the song that the group chose to sing (obviously, haha!). I forgot the name of our Chosen piece, the only phrase I could remember was the 'VIVA LA VERGEN!' phrase. haha. And the second song was the 'contest piece'. The song was composed by the organizer of the competition in relation to the celebration of the 80th year of Adamson University. Among the seven groups, we were the 6th group to perform on stage. I was the one who got that number from a draw-lots. Lucky number huh! :)

And the decision came! COLLEGE OF NURSING WON! WOOOOO! All of us gone wild because we really didn't expect that we would win. Actually, we almost gave up days before the competition because of some reasons. Good thing, Dean Ballena decided to join the competition. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my Canticle Choralefest experience.  From the first day of our rehearsals up to the moment we had our victory, each moment would be treasured and always be remembered. Thank you Dean Ballena and Maam Lilac for letting us (alumni) join the competition. For Sir Roman, Thank you for being so kind and patient with us. Your teaching technique was perfect that's why our performance came so perfectly! To all the students who participated in this competition, you guys have talents, don't waste it. I'm sure malayo mararating niyo if you will just use those talents in a good way. See you next year guys. I'm looking forward seeing each and everyone of you the next time we compete. And to all the students and alumni who came and support us, thank you so so much. I pray that all vincentian nurses will be successful in everything that we do and will stay the same, supportive and humble in every way. Let's continue to support our College, the College of Nursing and forever be recognized, if not the best, one of the best and closest college/department in terms of relationship in Adamson University.


I would also like to congratulate the 'Nursing Pep Squad' for being the Champion in the recently held Adamson Cheerdance Competition! You guys just proved that we are not just beauty and brains, we also got the talent! :) CONGRATS GUYS!

Before ending this blogpost, if you want to watch our performance, you can go these addresses:

1. Chosen piece: VIVA LA VERGEN:
2. Contest piece: NOW WE CELEBRATE OUR 80 YEARS:

Thank you all for reading! :)

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