Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cubao Expo: I love it in here!

Time: 3:59 PM

Hello there! :) I just wanted to share with you guys the new 'inuman' place that I have been to! The place is called, "CUBAO EXPO!" Yes, yes, yes, it's in CUBAO! haha! :) Beside SAVE MORE,  in front of SHOPWISE. 

From the outside, you will think that this place is just an ordanary place, you'll even think that it's a dangerous place to make inuman (wow,haha) but inside, you'll be surprised! haha.

I don't know but I really really liked the place. It's very relax. Perfect spot for inuman. I even found the restaurant where POPOY and BASHA (and friends) used to go whenever they have celebrations (You'll understand only when you saw the movie) haha. 

I will show you some of the pics that I secretly took from my phone (coz its bawal, according to some security guards there haha!)

This is the place that I was talking about a while ago about POPOY and BASHA. :)

I hope you could visit this place if you can't think of any place pag magiinuman kayo ng friends niyo hehe! :))

This place is perfect if you want a relaxed inuman and kwentuhan with your friends.

Thanks for reading! :))

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