Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Blog: jhonvieanacleto

Time: 7:02 PM
Date: January 21, 2014
Location: Makati South Hills, Paranaque City

Hey! I'm back! I am sooo happy to be back. Its been a while. I believe my last blog post was written last May 2013. That was sooo long ago. Haha. But now, I am back. And I promise I will be as active as I can, now that I don't have any excuse not to be active because I already have all the means. (A laptop and of course, internet connection. HAHA.)

For those people who have been following my blog, I'm sure you know how many times I have changed the theme of my blog and the layout as well. Sorry for that. Its just that, I was trying to explore all the themes and layouts possible to be able to show my readers what kind of personality I have. But I forgot that the only thing that one person should do to show who he is, is just to become himself and just make everything personal. This time, no limitations, no pretensions whatsoever. That's why I decided to just make my blog self-titled. (jhonvieanacleto).

Hope you will all enjoy the new experiences that I will be sharing with you from this day forward. Let us all forget about the past and just move on. New Year. New Me. Happy new year guys! Happy 2014!

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