Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3rd Day With Anna and Romeo

Date: February 1, 2012
Time: 10:03AM

Goodmorning peeps! Its February 1! Love month! and 16 days to go, I'm gonna be having my 22nd birthday! I can't imagine that I am already 22 and yet I don't have a steady and good career.....and relationship? haha! I'm still praying for it! 

Well, anyway, what I will share with you guys today is about my 3rd day of jogging. It happened yesterday. Every jogging day gives me different experiences. Though the experience of being 'pagod' and  'uhaw' and all that jazz were like the same. The thing that keeps it different was the company. This time, I was not alone nor with Pamela Diokno but I was with Anna Alvarez and her friend Romeo. 

Anna and I were friends since College. We were seatmates when we were in 4th year because of our Surnames 'Alvarez' and 'Anacleto'. Though we were very very close before, I was surprised when I saw her 'transformation'. haha! (transformation talaga?). Well, because I know Anna who is very tactless, very loud, someone who has a very strong personality. A lot of people actually do not like her because of her personality and I know she knows that back then. But then the 'Anna' today was like very different na. Infairness, nabawasan ang pagiging maingay, ang pagiging eskandalosa at medyo tahimik na.  Very matured Anna na sya ngayon. Wow! :) One thing lang ang hindi pa nagbabago kay Anna, hindi pa rin maka-getover! oooops! hahah! pareho tayo di ba? haha!

Time and experiences really could bring changes in us. Either for the better or for the worse, it's up to the person how he/she will handle his/her life. How about you? May nagbago na ba sayo? Attitude? Personality? Looks? at sino nagpush sayo to change? Its time to reflect. 

By the way, for Romeo, it was nice meeting you! Looking forward spending more time jogging with the both of you. Thanks for accompanying me for my 3rd day! 

Thanks for reading! :))


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