Saturday, December 10, 2011

After the encounter..

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Goodmorning! It's Sunday today! This day is for our Lord, Jesus Christ. So I'll be heading to Adamson Church later at 6pm to hear the mass and sing for  Him as well. Nobody asked me to do this. Nobody told me that I should do this every sunday because God wants me to do it. BUT I want to do it for God. This is not an obligation or something but it is something that my body tells me to do it. Does I make sense?

But is this enough? Enough na ba yung efforts ko to give back? I don't know. 

Last January 20, 2008.. I had the chance to have an encounter with God. Not literally but through the help of SOD or the Students of destiny. It's a group of people or a church that belongs to the Born-again Christians.  I could still remember the experience that I had when I had that encounter. (That's what they called that event, "Encounter with GOD")

At first, I was really hesitant to go. Why? because I was afraid. Afraid of what's going to happen with me when I go there. But I was able to manage that fear at tumuloy ako.

For me, the first 2 days were like okay. It was like a simple recollection wherein you talk about GOD, you talk about the sins that humans usually commit, you talk about how to change yourself from being bad to good. and YES. All the sins that were discussed I should say that I have committed all of those. From the very obvious and superficial sins to the very sensitive ones, all were like had an impact on me. 

The 3rd day, was the most crucial because this was the day where we experienced the "holy spirit". Creepy as it may sound, but I don't know. It happened to me. Nobody was like touching me but I fell onto the ground. So for me, that experience was like scary and at the same time very revealing that these things were true pala. I don't know.

Going through that encounter was like magical. But what's really important is how are you going to live your life after that encounter with God.

Its been 3 years now, and nothing really changed. And the problem was not with them but with me. Now, I realized its all about consistency. I did not change because I never went back to that church after that encounter. And I have all the reasons in the world, I was busy with my studies that time, so many things to do.. But I only have one true reason. I felt afraid to go back because I was afraid to be changed from the very beginning. I was afraid to leave the life that I was used to live.

One more thing, I realized that I didn't want to change my religion. Because its kinda a requirement for them I dont know, that you have to change your religion to be able to say that you are 100% committed to them or to God. And that was the part that I didn't like.

Now, I am working on my relationship with God. I go to church every Sunday, sing for the Lord as a choir member. I don't know If those efforts were enough already but I'm still working on it.

Anyway, the reason why I wrote this blog? wala lang. Nakita ko kasi yung bible ko before, I bought it when I had my encounter. Ehh nakita ko yung mga letters nung mga churchmates ko before. So bumalik sa memories ko lahat, and naisip ko lang isulat. hehe.

Thanks for reading! :))

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