Sunday, January 29, 2012

My New Hobby: Jogging!

Date: January 30, 2012
Time: 9: 27 PM

Goodevening guys! Before I go to sleep tonight, I just want to share with you guys my new hobby. Yes, you are right, JOGGING! :) I really wanted to try jogging ever since , it's just that, everytime I think of doing it, I get lazy. You know what I mean? Nakakatamad siya! But that's what I thought until my good friend Pamela Diokno asked me to go with her or should I say to jog with her in Serendra.

So, I decided to go with her, I said to myself, "I will give it a try". So there, we went to Serendra. When I saw the place, I thought, "Uh-Oh! Is this a gimikan or something?" but Diokno said that we will just  be passing by Serendra and the actual place where we would jog was right behind it pa. So, I said, Owwwkaaay.

Serendra, Taguig City
So there! we arrived at the place, the BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY, otherwise known as BGC! The place was cool. Though its an 'urban' place, you know what I mean, a lot of boutique of some sosyal brands and all that, pero there were really people there jogging, Sooo I found that very cool!

BGC (Bonifacio Global City)

DAY ONE: We weren't able to take so much pictures because we're busy jogging. haha. We only got pictures of ourselves which we took after we jog. Here are some of it!

Day 1: Diokno and I at Bonifacio Global City
DAY TWO: 3 days later, I went back to Bonifacio Global City to jog again. But this time, I was ALONE. Well, actually, I was supposed to be with Diokno again. But unfortunately, she weren't able to come because of some reasons. So I have no choice but to go there alone. I think it was God who let this happened. Why? because that day, I had a problem that involved decision-making. So I guess, God let me jog alone so that I could think things over. Infairness, it helped me to decide. I just hope that I made the right one.

Anyway, being alone that night, I was able to appreciate the place more. I mean, the road, the view, even the people (lots of good-looking people! haha). I took some pictures of the place, take a look!


These were just some of the roads where we used jog.  Actually, there were lots of people jogging, its just that, I was not able to take pictures of them because I was shy. I don't want them to think that I was doing something crazy or you know. If you want to jog, BGC is the perfect place! I don't know. It keeps me motivated to jog. Maybe its because of the ambiance of the place. The road is wide, there are lots of people jogging whom you get to talk to (pag malakas loob mo! haha) 

Aside from great roads, you will see lots of great views here as well. View of the buildings from afar is perfect! parang new york lang! Here are some:

PLUS! after jogging, if you want to stay and chill with your friends (kung mabango-enough ka pa haha) you can stay and enjoy lots of great restaurants and establishments you can only find here. Like these:

Overall, the place was good. If you want to jog, to hang-out or just to relax with your friends or even if you are alone. Pasok sa banga tong place na to. I just want to thank Ms. Pamela Diokno for introducing this place to me. haha. Kasi, kahit hindi masyado malayo tong place na to from my house, hindi ako masyado napupunta dito. In fact, it was my first time na makapunta dito sa Serendra and sa BGC. So, thank you Ms. Pamela Diokno.

If you want to be fit and healthy, you guys should try to jog din, pampapayat, pampahealthy! Try niyo din sa place na to! Its located beside Market! Market! in Taguig City.

Before I end this post, I just want to share with you guys the article that I read about Jogging. This article tackles about the benefits that we could get from jogging.

Here are ten benefits of jogging — all excellent reasons why you should get into the habit.

Good for the Heart and Lungs

Jogging is perfect for the heart and lungs. It can improve your cardiovascular fitness. If you jog regularly, your heart, lungs and vascular system can function efficiently. As you jog, the lungs capacity to take in more oxygen is improved. The heart pumps and is able to transport oxygen for the muscles to use. Stamina or endurance, reduced heart disorders and weight loss results from better cardiovascular fitness.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Jogging can lower blood pressure. Because cardiovascular fitness is improved, there is a lower risk of elevated blood pressure or hypertension. There are many complications arising from hypertension. The blood vessels are weakened when blood pressure shoots up  and this can result to aneurysms, atherosclerosis and hemorrhage.
An aneurysm happens when part of a blood vessel (artery) or cardiac chamber bulges due to damaged blood vessels. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fatty material are build up along the walls of arteries. When the fatty material coagulates, this can block the arteries. Hemorrhage results from hypertension characterized by excessive discharge of blood from the blood vessels. These three can be fatal because they can lead to heart attacks and cardiac disorders. They can also result to brain damage, kidney disorders, and eye problems. However, with running, these diseases can be prevented.

Improves Endurance

Jogging improves your strength or endurance. Better endurance is achieved when the lungs is able to take in more oxygen for the blood to pump. This increases the amount of energy that your body can absorb. You can jog longer if you have endurance. You will not feel any fatigue or exhaustion when doing some other activities.

Strengthens Bones

Jogging makes the bones stronger. Regular jogging can keep the bones healthy.  Increase in bone mineral density is caused by weight bearing exercises. When the bones are strong, they aren’t prone to bending, fracturing or breaking. Therefore, running can prevent bone disorders like arthritis, rheumatism or osteoporosis. The muscles, the bones and joints are kept in excellent condition.

Reduces Cancer Risks

Jogging can reduce risks of cancer. A study by the State University of New York at Buffalo revealed that strenuous activity like running can prevent cancer risks particularly breast cancer. Other cancer risks like lung cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer can also be reduced. This finding may be related to the fact that running relieves the body of stress; as we know stress is one of the causes of cancers.

Prevents and Fights Diabetes

Jogging can prevent or help treat diabetes. The usual causes of diabetes are sedentary life and overweight. Doing more exercise such as jogging can prevent early stage of diabetes to becoming a full blown Type II diabetes. Jogging can also be a form of treatment along with the medications if you have already diabetes.

Strengthens the Immune System

Jogging strengthens the immune system. If you exercise regularly the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes, as well as the macrophages or cells attacking bacteria is increased. It also speeds up the circulation of immune system cells all over the body and this make them fight bacteria and viruses even more efficiently.

Improves Mental Health

Jogging can improve mental health and boost your self confidence.  It gives you a respite from the stressful everyday routine and diverts your attention towards positive means to focus on. It can also stimulate your mood by releasing endorphins which is the hormone that releases sense of happiness and well-being. It also develops a skill to discipline oneself which can also be helpful to apply in everyday life.

Reduces Body Fat

It reduces fat levels in the body. If you jog daily, you will lose 750 calories. Burning calories can be effective when you jog. The amount of calories in what you eat before jogging should be the same so you can calculate accurately the calories you burned. Weight and fat levels in the body can be kept checked when you burn calories as often as your food intakes.

Improves Sleep Quality

It helps you improve your sleep. When you jog in the morning, you are sure to get a good night rest. Because jogging can help you relax and be stress-free, then you can sleep tightly.
Jogging can be very beneficial physically and mentally. This is definitely a good exercise. If you can keep it as a daily habit then your entire well-being will be improved.

Thanks for reading guys!

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