Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's New?

Time: 11:54 PM
Date: May 12, 2013
Location: Timog Park, Angeles City Pampanga

WHAT IS NEW? Good evening everyone! Thank you for dropping by and for reading my blog posts! Its been a while since I last posted here. I think its been like 6 months or so, I am not sure. There were no specific reason as to why that happened. I just got lazy, that's all.

WHAT IS NEW? Well, I am back! Not just in terms of blogging but I am back in my home country as well. As you all know, I was not supposed to be back this early. I was supposed to stay in Dubai and work there for like until 2014. But things happened, I was not happy with what I was doing there that time, so I decided to go back. It was not an easy decision for me. When I came back, I felt like the world was against me. But lucky ME! I have a family that is very very supportive and very loving as well. They accepted me even if I just wasted their money for my trip to Dubai. Now, I am currently searching for my new career here in the Philippines. I am not really sure kung anong field ang gusto ko. Because honestly, because of what I experienced sa Dubai, I got scared na to enter something I know I wouldn't enjoy. So I am just taking my time, anyway, I have lots of it. :)

WHAT IS NEW? SUBWAY UNPLUGGED. That's the name of my band. YES! I have a band. HAHA. Well, people that are very close to me know that music is my first love. I love singing. I love performing. So I decided to put up a band called SUBWAY UNPLUGGED. (Lakas ng loob!HAHA!) Well, it was only SUBWAY at first, but I decided to put UNPLUGGED to be able to project the music that we play which is mainly ACOUSTIC. SUBWAY is an acoustic band. SUBWAY UNPLUGGED.

We are an acoustic trio that started late 2012. We started to have gigs just last February 2012 and we feel very blessed because although our contract from the first bar that we were able to play our music to ended, there was another blessing that came just recently. I will tackle more of our gigs as well as my experiences with my band so far on my next blogpost. So watch out! :)

WHAT ELSE IS NEW? No more. Relax lang ang buhay ko ngayon. Though I am looking forward for more happenings for the next months to come. I am praying for a NEW JOB. NEW FRIENDS. MORE GIGS. MORE BLESSINGS.

Thank you for reading! You have a wonderful day!

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