Monday, May 21, 2012

Leaving Convergys..

Date: May 21, 2012
Time: 9:14 PM

Good evening, everyone. Its been a while. Sorry for being absent for several weeks. For no reason, maybe, I just ran out of interesting topics to write about. But it doesn't mean that I was not happy these past weeks. In fact, how I lived my life these past weeks or should I say months was like one of the happiest moments that I would always remember. Yes, I am talking about how I lived my life in Convergys.

Time really has flown so fast. After I graduated from college, I worked for NCO just for the sake of experience. I just wanted to try how it was like to work in a call center company. But then, look, I just left Convergys, the third call center company that I have worked for. Leaving was never easy especially when you got to be attached with the nature of your work and to the people you have worked with.

In Convergys, I experienced how it was like to work and enjoy at the same time. I never got tired of going to work everyday. In fact, I never had an absent for almost 9 months that I have worked for the company. Aside from the nature of the work (just so you are aware, we are doing surveys) which I considered not-so difficult task to do, my relationship with my office-mates and even with my bosses really  contributed significantly of why I had fun working for them. Every day was like just a happy day.

I am going to miss everyone there like hell. From my bosses up to the respondents that I used to have my surveys with. My wave-mates! WAVE 43. I will always love you guys. You know that. My team-mates from Purple (the people closest to my heart) and to the Pink-ones (though we never got to spend a lot of time together) thank you for everything. I am going to miss you guys! I'm sure we will get to see to each other soon!  I am going to miss my projects as well! haha. From the everlasting Grocery and Pharmacy up to the very sensitive 5/3 Bank. I will always remember all the PAT RESPONSES that I have learned from each project! haha! 

Though it was very sad to leave not just this company but to leave in general, every sacrifice means a better opportunity. I don't want to reveal it at the moment, tyaka nalang. haha. Thank you very much for reading! 

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