Friday, September 16, 2011


When was the last time that Adamson University Pep Squad win the Cheerdance Competition? Hindi ko alam. :)

Seeing them perform in the last 4 years, I can see that they are good naman. In terms of difficulty level, Ow yes! But with the execution of the stunts, that's what I am not so sure of.

Well, according to what I have read from 
Adamson Pep Squad will do something different this year, as they will try to incorporate more jazz and ballet in their routine! I am excited to see their performance because it was also mentioned in the article, that in terms of the ratio of the newbies:veterans, its 20%:60% and experience is really one of the factors to make a performance look more clean and polished as well.

I just pray that ADAMSON PEP SQUAD will be in the TOP 3 this year! May God bless them and the rest of the participants as well. GO ADAMSON! =D

St. Vincent de Paul, pray for us! =D

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