Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its running day, once again!

Date: April 9, 2012
Time: 10:02 PM

Goodevening folks! I'm back! Well, its been a while since I last posteda blog here. I'm sorry, I'm kinda busy with my work and with the abroad requirement stuffs that I am currently taking care of. Yes! you read it right! I'm going abroad! most probably, I'll be leaving this coming May (hopefully!) but I don't know yet. There are things need to be accomplished first. I'm gonna blog about it next time. This blogpost is about me fascinated again with runnning! haha!

Well, as you can see, I have changed the layout of my blog again! I'm sorry, not just the layout but the name or the title of my blog as well. From "My Life After Coffee" its now called, "Running Without Limits".. Is it nicer? :) Actually, I don't have any concrete reasons why I changed it. I AM JUST FASCINATED WITH RUNNING NOWADAYS. that's all. haha.

I fell in love with running when I started jogging last month I think. You can read some of my blogposts about it from my archives. hehe. I don't know, when I run, I feel like I am free. Whatever results I would get out of running, its really because of pure hardwork. I mean, you don't need any requirement or something for you to do it, you just need COURAGE, PATIENCE, and RUNNING SHOES. Thats it! haha.

Speaking of running shoes, I have bought one already! haha. One of the reasons why I was excited to run tonight was because of my new running shoes. haha. It just feels good when you are wearing comfortable shoes when you are running. Ang sarap lang sa feeling.

Not just about my running shoes, but also my armband! haha! finally, I was able to get one after weeks of searching for it. Every store that I go to, they only offer armbands for Iphones, what about for Blackberry??! :)

I promised to myself that I will take running seriously from now on. That's why I decided to register myself to this race called, 'I RUN FOR INTEGRITY'. This will be held on May 6, 2012 at BGC. I am excited at the same time nervous, why? Excited, because this is going to be my first time to join a FUN RUN. But nervous because I don't know if I could keep up with the pace of other runners, I mean, this is my first time to run, and I don't know if I could last up to the finish line. Hopefully, I could. I have a pic of the running shirt/singlet that I will be wearing on the day of the race. 

That's why, I'm trying to run everyday, I'm trying to train myself so that on May 6, I could keep up with other experienced runners. I have no plans of competing with them but just to keep up with their pace, and not to be the last person to finish the race, I am already happy with that.

PLUS! this race would be extra special because I will run with a friend whose very special to me. YES! I have a special guest, pero secret kung sino! haha. I just hope that this race would be fruitful for the both of us in every possible way. I don't want to elaborate on things but I hope what I am thinking could happen would happen on that day. 

Sayang lang, kasi kung kelan naisip ko na I will take running as like my career, ehh.. aalis na ako to dubai.. I will not be able to enjoy as many fun runs as I could kasi wala na ako dito. I just hope in Dubai, they also have this kind of races so that I could join them all. hihi!

This is the end of my blog. thanks for reading! KEEP RUNNING! :)

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